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Take 10 Phonics en français

Take 10 Phonics en français has been written to help both children and teachers improve their French pronunciation and spelling. This new multi-media resource has been written by a team of teachers and consultants with both teachers and learners in primary and secondary schools in mind. It builds systematically on pupils' phonics learning in English.

The resource has been developed in response to many requests from teachers
who asked for more support with pronunciation of the sounds of the French language, how they are written and also the skills needed for phonics teaching. By learning the phoneme/grapheme correspondences in French and thus building on their knowledge of English phonics, learners become more confident listeners, speakers, readers and writers of the language.


Phonics Cover

"Take 10 Phonics in French is an incredibly effective resource to teach children the most fundamental aspect of learning any language. I have included the resource as a key feature in every language lesson across our school and everyone is enthusiastic. Our teachers are impressed with the systematic, crystal-clear approach to unravelling the correspondence between letters and sounds and our children tell us that the learning is fun. Take 10 Phonics provides a real and essential learning experience!"

Alison Bloomfield
Primary MFL co-ordinator, Trafford.


Download Guide Booklet

Click on the image below to download a copy of the resource guide booket.


Take 10 Phonics en français Wall Charts

A set of two wall charts for display in classrooms
to support the teaching of Take 10 Phonics en français

Each chart is 100cm x 76cm

wall chart