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The latest addition to the hugely popular Take 10 Languages series enables young learners of English to develop their language skills whilst having fun and keeping fit. By taking part in a variety of fun physical activities including action songs, skipping rhymes, playground games and traditional dance, demonstrated on two DVDs, children improve their listening and speaking skills in English.

The unique Take 10 method energises the whole brain and improves learners’ mental and physical fitness.

Take 10 for English is aimed at young learners of English wherever they may be:
• Mainstream elementary schools abroad
• English as a foreign language (EFL) schools
• English as an additional language (EAL) students in UK schools.

The Take 10 for English resources also help children to learn about traditional British culture and the daily lives of children in the UK.



Resource Components and Samples

Take 10 for English is divided into 4 main components click to view:

Introduction and Rationale

Action Songs

Fun Physical Activites and Dance

Photo Gallery


Introduction and Rationale

Rationale cover

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